Existing Condition Assessments

Inspec provides pre-purchase / due-diligence assessment services, which identify and assess the condition of an existing building.

Infrared Surveys

The first step toward reducing building energy use is identifying where energy is being lost. Inspec can provide infrared surveys for roofs and walls, in order to locate and isolate such things as water intrusion and thermal bleeding.

Computerized Heat Loss Studies

Inspec uses sophisticated computer software to comparatively model the heat loss of various wall assemblies before the design has been finalized.

Failure Investigation

Through the use of various tests and destructive inspection openings, Inspec can determine the cause of such problems as water intrusion, thermal loss, and mold growth.

Forensic Investigation (Insurance Claims, Litigation)

When a building failure involves more parties in a legal realm, Inspec has the licensed professionals and credentials to supply our clients with the facts and information necessary to bring closure to the case.

Façade Ordinance Inspections

In order to help a building owner remain compliant with recently created façade ordinances, Inspec has developed a high level of expertise in the unique and challenging area of high-rise façade inspection in densely populated urban areas.

Design Review / Consultation

Inspec can provide design review services in order to “Red Flag” design errors or omissions, either before the Documents are issued or afterwards, when the awarded contractor wants someone to give it a “second look.”

Design (Existing and New Construction)

Inspec provides remedial design solutions on existing buildings and consults with prime architects or engineers on new building projects. All of Inspec’s designs incorporate over 45 years of failure investigation information to help assure that our clients are receiving the most successful and sustainable designs.

Construction Observation and Administration

Inspec can provide periodic or full time on-site construction observation to enforce the execution of Inspec’s design.

Third-Party Construction Observation

Inspec can provide periodic or full time on-site construction observation to enforce the execution of a design by others.

Testing (In-house Laboratory, On-site)

Inspec offers a wide range of material and systems testing protocols, which can be performed in our in-house laboratory or on-site depending on the nature of the test.

Computerized Management Programs

Inspec offers full-time facility management teams with the sole mission of increasing the return on your facility investment. We customize programs to monitor and help maintain the year-round integrity of your building’s envelope through periodic inspections, technical assistance, and planning. Problems are caught early so costs are kept down, facility management budgets stay in control, and the return on your investment goes up.

Building Envelope Commissioning

Inspec can provide Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) which validates that the design, construction, and maintenance of exterior wall, roofing, fenestration, and foundation components of a building meet the quality and objectives of the building owners for an overall lower life-cycle cost.

Stormwater Inspections and Management

Inspec can provide stormwater inspection services which can provide the owner with valuable code compliance and deficiency related information.

Expert Testimony

Inspec can provide licensed design professionals with the expertise and experience to act as an expert in litigation cases involving roofs, walls/windows, below-grade waterproofing, or any part of the building enclosure.

Education / Seminars

Inspec strives to educate the building industry as well as the general public in several ways. Inspec has been hosting a half-day luncheon seminar once a year since 2005. The seminar features a different building enclosure theme every year and the speakers are our own staff professionals. Also, Inspec provides “Lunch and Learns” to local architectural and engineering firms. In addition, one of our Architects is an adjunct at the University of Minnesota where he teaches a course on the building enclosure. He is also a guest critic at the U of M School of Design.