Storm Water Management

A major consideration when constructing a project today is what to do with the storm water runoff. Rain water that falls on an asphalt parking lot or the roof of a new building can’t simply soak into the ground as it did before the project was built. Any rain event that does more than get things damp is going to cause water runoff from these parking lots or roofs and the designer must address this issue. In the past, this water was allowed to go down the storm sewers, or flow off the owner’s property to become someone else’s problem. No longer. We realize now that this run off can cause erosion of the soil and often contains pollutants such as oil that washes off parking lots or fertilizer that washes out of lawns and fields. Today’s designers must consider this problem and come up with systems that deal with this runoff to such an extent that the total volume leaving the site is no greater than the volume of runoff before the construction project was started.

How can Inspec help you with storm water run off

Inspec has been at the forefront of creating systems to deal with storm water runoff for over 20 years. Our experienced engineers calculate the change in runoff volume at a site brought about by the construction of your project and design systems to contain it. We have many tools in our arsenal to deal with the runoff.

  • Porous pavement allows some water to soak through into the ground before it has a chance to leave the site.
  • Filter Strips slow the water leaving a site to minimize soil erosion.
  • Detention and retention ponds capture the runoff allowing it to slowly infiltrate into the ground replenishing the ground water.
  • If surface space is limited, underground storage chambers can be used in place of detention and retention ponds.

These strategies and many more are designed to slow the water leaving the site, allowing sediments and pollutants to settle out assuring that any water that does leave the site is considerably cleaner than the runoff of years gone by.

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Minnetonka, MN